What our Stained Glass Windows represent

IMG_20151025_105149 The Nativity

The First Window from the left depicts the Nativity. The crib, with halos representing the Christ Child, Mary and Joseph, are situated under the round roofs of the village of Bethlehem, with the crowns of the Three Kings and the star which led them.

IMG_20151025_105208 The Blessed Sacrament

The Second Window depicts Christ’s gift to us of the Blessed Sacrament of His Body and Blood. It is represented by the Chalice of wine and the round loaf of bread.

IMG_20151025_105219 The Crucifixion

The Third Window depicts the Crucifixion. The cross is depicted with the three nails and the crown of thorns. The black circle at the head of the cross depicts Christ’s greatest suffering. The light patches in the black remind us that Christ triumphed over sin by his death.

IMG_20151025_105241 The Resurrection

The Fourth Window depicts the Resurrection. The X and P are the first letters of the Christ in Greek. The brown section at the bottom right represents the stone which was rolled away from the tomb after He came back to life.

IMG_20151025_105323 Gift of Holy Spirit at Pentecost

The Fifth Window depicts the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. At the top the Dove of the Holy Spirit descends upon us. The red flames reminds us that at the first outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles there seemed to be flames of fire on all their heads. There are seven candles representing the seven churches mentioned in the last book of the Bible.

IMG_20151025_105332 Depicts patron St Nicolas of Myra

The Sixth Window depicts our Patron Saint, St Nicolas of Myra. He was Bishop of Myra, a seaport now known as Demre in Turkey, and so became known as the Patron Saint of sailors – represented by the anchor. He also left money and presents secretly at night, thus starting the legend of Santa Claus. He once left three bags of gold for three girls whose families did not have the money for dowries and thus could not get married. This represented by the three gold balls.

All Six Windows are united from the centre by the continuous green tree of life which is the connection of all life, past , present and future.

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