Children & Youth

Sunday School is offered on Sunday during the 09.30am service (term-time and some holidays). The childrenIMG_0900.jpeg and youth process into church at the start of the Eucharist, where they are welcomed with a blessing. Then they move to the hall for their own program, returning for Holy Communion.

We use the Godly Play programme in our Sunday School – a friendly and engaging method of teaching traditions and sacred stories.  It is suitable for all ages and encourages personal reflection without pressure to participate. Using Montessori-inspired resources these sessions are fun, relaxed and allow the young people to think for themselves about their own relationship with God and the stories of the Bible. They get to do activities of their own choosing, or further discussion as well. Please see the bottom of this page for the current schedule of topics.

Our youth are actively involved in the all-age services (usually 5th Sundays) and also participate in our annual nativity play

Youth Group for year 7, 8, 9 and 10:

All enquiries to the parish office: 94481412   /

Parents, Babies and Toddlers Group: 

IMG_0875.jpegMeets every Friday from 10.30 am to Midday and is an opportunity for coffee and conversation while your littlies play under the gentle supervision of WWCC-approved parishioners.

Sunday School Schedule 2021:

DateScheduled Activity 
Jan 31 Vol 2 Enrichment Lesson: The Holy FamilyNL 
Feb 7 Vol 3 Enrichment Lesson: Parable of the deep Well online
Feb 14Love – understanding Valentine’s Day and God’s love for us ST
Feb 21 Vol 4 Lesson 9: Jesus and the Twelve NL
Feb 28 Vol 2 Lesson 1: The Circle of the Church Year AW
Mar 7 Vol 4 Enrichment Lesson: Symbols of the Holy Eucharist ST
Mar 14 Vol 4 Lesson 10: The Good Shepherd and World Communion NL
Mar 21 Vol 4 Lesson 1: The Mystery of Easter AW
Mar 28  Palm SundayVol 4 Lesson 2: The Faces of Easter 1  
Apr 4  EasterVol 4 Enrichment Lesson: Easter Eggs 
Apr 11 Vol 3 Parable of the Leven 
Apr 18 Music Workshop AW
Apr 25 Vol 4 Enrichment Lesson: The Crosses 
May 2 Vol 3 Enrichment Lesson: Parable of Parables 
May 9 Lesson 5: Epiphany 
May 16 Vol 3 Lesson 7: Parable of the Good Shepherd 
May 23 Pent Vol 4 Lesson 13: The Mystery of Pentecost Liz F
Jun 6 Vol 2 Lesson 2: Creation 
Jun 13 Vol 2 Lesson 3: The Flood and the Ark 
Jun 20 Vol 2 Lesson 4: The Great Family 
Jun 27Vol 2 Lesson 5: The Exodus 
Jul 4 Vol 2 Lesson 6: The Ten Best Ways 
Jul 11 Vol 2 Lesson 7: The ark and the Tent 
Jul 18Vol 2 Lesson 8: The ark and the Temple 
Jul 25Vol 2 Lesson 9: The Exile and return 
Aug 1 Vol 2 Enrichment Lesson: The Prophets 
Aug 8 Vol 2 Enrichment Lesson: The books of the Bible 
Aug 15 All-Age-Service Music piece 
Aug 22 Vol 2 Enrichment Lesson: Jonah, the Backward Prophet 
Sept 5 Vol 3 Lesson 8: Parable of the Good Samaritan 
Sept 12 Vol 3 Lesson 9: Parable of the Great Pearl 
Sept 19 Vol 3 Lesson 10: Parable of the Sower 
Sept 26 Vol 3 Enrichment Lesson: Parable Synthesis 1 – All the Parables 
Oct 3 Vol 3 Enrichment Lesson: Parable Synthesis 2 – The “I am” statements 
Oct 10 Vol 3 Enrichment Lesson: Parable Synthesis 3 – The Parable Games 
Oct 17 Vol 3 Lesson 6: Holy Baptism 
Oct 24 Vol 4 Lesson 11: The Synagogue and the Upper Room 
Nov 7   Vol 4 Lesson 12: Circle of the Holy Eucharist 
Nov 14   Christmas Music AW
Nov 21  Christ the KingVol 3 Enrichment: The Mystery of Christmas 
Nov 28Vol 3 Lesson 1: Advent 1 
Dec 5Vol 3 Lesson 2: Advent 2 and nativity play prep 
Dec 12Vol 3 Lesson 3: Advent 3 and nativity play prep 
Dec 19Vol 3 Lesson 4: Advent 4 and nativity play prep 
Dec 24NATIVITY PLAY (If useful, draw from Enrichment: A Children’s Liturgy for Christmas Eve)   

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