News update


Please find this link for Assembly Day for birthing kits

These kits are donated to help women all over the world; you may be interested in volunteering, as has Ruth Oxley in the past. No need to bring anything. The process is like being on an assembly line putting together the objects into bags in a strict order. These become the birthing kits. On the day instructors teach you how the packs are to be made up and it’s all done under strict hygiene conditions. There are a number of different jobs in the process, like folding the sheet in a certain way to take up the least amount of space and you do each task in groups, so it becomes quite a social event. Then there’s always a good morning tea…! Please note you do not have to commit for the entire time, but you need to RSVP before Friday 16 October for catering and other purposes.

This is the latest meditation from  Richard Rohr , although this is directed at Americans it has value for all of us living in a pandemic world.

Finally, here is a link to a unit  called Introduction to Church History which forms part of The Wollaston Certificate in Theology, which is being held at between 20 October and 8 December, at St Basil’s Anglican Church, Murdoch-Winthrop.